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Birthdate:May 18
Location:Colorado, United States of America
[personal profile] reversedestiny's Riku.

~Same as canon!Riku up until age 6 (Birth by Sleep)
~Was the first to find Sora's parents' bodies after they were killed by Ansem, subsequently repressed memories of Sora and his family due to trauma
~Became fast friends with Kairi, though was disappointed that she didn't have much of an interest in sparring with him
~Which is why Tidus and Wakka replaced Sora as Riku's sparring partners. When he can stand them.
~Still wants to leave the islands and find out where Kairi came from.
~Starts the raft about a year before KH1 would begin. Progress is slow, because it's just him and Kairi that are building it.
~Confronted by Sora around the time KH1 would begin, is confused because Sora knows him but he doesn't recall knowing Sora.
~Island destruction happens.
~Gets keyblade, sent to Traverse Town like Sora did.
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